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Personal Trainer

  • Muscle gain/Strength training, Sports Performance, Fat loss

My path to health and fitness has been nothing short of a journey. Playing sports my whole life I was always active and very athletic. After my college football/pro football aspirations withered, I found another outlet to feed my hunger for self fulfillment physically and mentally: fitness. The day I got bit by the fitness bug my whole life changed. I chose to study exercise & sports science at Montgomery county community college and later at Temple Univeristy. My main goal to become a sports performance trainer. While doing so I continued to research and experiment on everything in the fitness industry, from nutrition, supplements, and various methods of training. But I knew not only did I see joy in making changes to my own physique, but I wanted to help others see the same success and see the enjoyment in fitness that I see. I enjoy helping people push past their limits and reach levels they only dreamed of. Whether it be bodybuilding, sports performance training, fat loss or just overall health and wellness; I want to help you succeed.